Moksha Festival

Moksha Festival

I would like to tell you about Moksha Festival, a two-day festival of Yoga, Health, Ayurveda, Sacred Music, and healthy food on Saturday and Sunday August 4th and 5th at The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium at 1855 Main Street in Santa Monica.  On Saturday at 11:30 am, I will be performing a late morning santoor recital (Rāga Gujari Todi), accompanied by the T.J. Troy on tabla.  If you are local to southern California or in the area, please come!  There will be many amazing musicians, yoga classes, lectures, and workshops.  Details can be found here:

There is a 50% discount on music passes for Moksha Festival until Saturday July 28th. Purchase tickets here:

Until July 31st, there is a 50% discount for Yoga teachers, students enrolled in yoga teacher training programs, Ayurveda practitioners and students enrolled in Ayurveda schools. From August onwards, they will get a 25% discount.  More information can be found here:


Dan Blanchard – Awakening Album

In case you didn’t get the memo, I made my first album last year, it is called Awakening and it is based on Raga Bhairav. It was created for the morning time to help us connect and prepare for the day.  It is available as MP3s and/or CD on iTunes, Amazon, and/or CD Baby. You can hear a 6 minute sample of the album and order the album on my web site:



1. I am slowly working on my 2nd album. This one will be for the night time and based on Raga Chandrakauns (Chandra means moon, and Kauns means 5 note raga).  It will have an ambient and spacey aspect to it, and the intention is to support us to wind down, relax, and to hopefully get proper rest.
2. I also want to continue a new age, ambient album that I started working on in 1999 (!).
3. My santoor teacher Pandit Satish Vyas will be coming to North America so I will continue my studies of the santoor and Indian Classical Music.
4. I am starting a 2 year Vedic Chanting program in October, with Sonia Nelson and the Vedic Chant Center in Santa Fe. (No I am not moving there, there are 2 10 day retreats a year.)  She learned from the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, where I did a 2 week Vedic chanting course earlier this year.  I am very happy to continue learning Vedic chanting in this tradition.